This page will feature links to research that are relevant to the Speak/e/s family.

The Speak/e/s Family Association maintains one additional website called the Editors website at  This website includes all new bulletins as they are published as well as the following:

  • All bulletins going back to the original in 1979
  • The entire Speak/e/s Archive that has been digitized and is now searchable;
  • Various other documents to assist people researching the Speak/e/s family and its colonial history
  • Recent documents written by SFA members that are not included in the bulletins
  • Historical information about colonial Maryland in St. Mary’s and Charles Counties
  • Documents submitted by Speaks genealogist, John Speak, of Cambridge, England

John Speake, of England, descends from the Shropshire line.  He has recently set up a website at


17 Responses to Links

  1. Mrs Lee (Coverdale) Harker says:

    I am descendant of the (Speke) Speake family, of Shropshire..from.Samuel Andrew Speake who’s daughter, Julia, married a Captain John Coverdale in India. Have been researching the Speake and Coverdale families for some time now. My name is (Mrs) Lee Coverdale..just thought I would like to send you greetings from Melbourne, Australia..

    • John Speake says:

      Hello Lee,
      Very pleased to see you registereing here ! Just recently I have confirmed the origins of Samuel Andrew’s Speak’s father , Captain Samuel Speak of the Bombay Marines. He is directly related to me.

      You can contact me here or at


      John Speake, Cambridge England

    • Maggie Luscombe says:

      Good Morning
      I came across your email from 2008 regarding Bradbury.
      I Have tried to contact you using an email from Genuforum but it is obsolite.

      I am researching a daughter-in-law’s family in New Zealand and have found that her g g grandfather was Roland Keats Bradbury. I was interested to see that he was a descendant of John Coverdale and Anna Spaaks. Have you any other informatioin on the family at all?

      • I suggest you contact the Speaks Family Association Archivist, Wolfe Hentschel –

      • Hi Maggie – I descend from William Speake, b. 1808 in Louisville, Kentucky and Mary Lapping. They had 10 children. I descend from John William, their second eldest son. I haven’t been able to tie my Speake line to anyone in North Carolina, Maryland, or Virginia yet, but I couldn’t help noticing we have the same surname! How funny is that? Would love to know if your Luscombe family and my husband’s Luscombe family are from the same origin in Devonshire, England.
        Laurie Pattison Luscombe, Rochester, MI

        • William Gann says:


          Back in 1996, I was the editor of the Gann Gazette and worked with you on your article on Jacob Gann.

          I have now found additional information in the White County probate files and would like to communicate again wtih you. I want to do another article on Jacob ,etc.

          Could you plaese contact me?

          Bill Gann

      • Sherry Ludlam says:

        Hi Maggie.
        I am also a descendant of Roland Keats Bradbury in NZ. Which line is your daughter-in-law from? I am Julia Miriam’s great granddaughter, and my grandmother was Roberta McChesney. Would love to hear from you. My email is

    • Hello, Lee,
      I would like to speak at some length with you, if we can find an appropriate venue. I’m offering my e-mail address. A cousin and I are conducting a world-wide Coverdale Y-DNA Project. It now has 18 members and is growing. We are especially interested in Coverdales with known English and international origins. We are in touch with two people who are conducting research on Yorkshire Coverdales. Please drop me a line.
      Paul Coverdale Bartlett
      Chattanooga, Tennessee

    • Hullo, Mrs Lee (Coverdale) Harker, my name is Kevin Hunter and I am a descendent of Samuel Speak through the Bradbury line. I would be very interested in any information you could let me have.
      Thanks, Kevin

  2. Jerry Draney says:

    For people attending the SFA conference in La Plata MD on October 14 – 16, I am ordering t-shirts with the Speak logo printed on the front. The shirts are gray with a black logo. They cost $7.50. If you are interested please email me at, contact fot the conference.

    Jerry Draney, Gainesville, VA

  3. avon bradbury says:

    Hi ….Re Maggie’s comments about Rowland Keats Bradbury.He is buried in Halcombe NZ near Marton. along with Elanor(Gibson)his wife and Geoffrey a son.My connection is with Geoffrey’s wife Margaret..(.a long story) Rowland met with a sad end, committing suicide about 1914.
    Rowland & Elanor had five boys and four girls .
    Avon Bradbury

    • Gordon Walker says:

      Hi Avon
      Rowland was my Great Grandfather and his daughter Elsie was my Grandmother. I have a lot of information on the family and would be happy to share it with you. Rowland wasted a large amount of inherited money during his life through gambling and we know he was a personal friend of King Edward VII as they went to school together. I am trying to find out why he was sent to New Zealand. Apparently there was a scrapbook of letters from Prince Edward kept in the front room of the old home in Halcombe but these ceased when he became King. I have located the Family Bible and Photo Album but presume the scrapbook has been lost.

      Gordon Walker

      • Avon bradbury says:

        Hi Gordon
        Good to here from you, I would love to know more and would be happy to share my info with you, perhaps we could use my email address instead of this medium-
        Geoffery & Margaret Jones married and had two children…Geoffrey and Ethel .These two are my fathers half brother and sister. After Geoffrey senior died Margaret had another child…my father Herbert Morshead Bradbury.
        Herberts father Arthur Morshead died in WW1. Margaret then went on to have six more children making a total of nine children .
        I have a picture of Ethel Bradbury which I recently got after visiting her daughter Judy, and I also have a copy of Geoffery juniors WW1 records.
        My father was fostered out a lot as a child after the first three years which he spent with the Bradburys and he always thought he had no family. Since his death i have been on a mission to find his roots and to my amazement he has a huge extended family.

        • Sherry Ludlam says:

          Wow Avon – great story, Who was the father of the other 6 children, do you know?
          How great for your father to have found his family!

          • Avon bradbury says:

            Hi Sherry,Yes Margaret Bradbury(nee Jones) remarried shortly after the birth of my father.She married Percy Jones her cousin in Wanganui and moved to Napier where they had six children .They lived through the Napier earthquake only for Margaret and one child to get typhoid and die .Margaret was 42. The rest of the children were put into foster care as Percy could not manage working and raising 5 children. Percy ended up living with a brother in Wellington.
            Better news is i am in touch with many new cousins.
            Regards Avon

      • Hi Gordon. Have you ever found any records that Rowland officially married his “wife” Eleanor Gibson? I have her married to a James Bradley, then 2 children who were never registered, then a third (and subsequent) with Rowland as the father. I am trying to find more information on James Bradley at the moment. Just wondered if anyone else also had found that discrepancy.

      • Hi Gordon,
        I would love to hear from you as I am missing some family photos, but also have quite a few of my own I could share with you. Rowland’s daughter Julia was my gr grandmother.
        I am curious re his “marriage” and the legitimacy of it. Any other info also gladly received.
        My email is

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