Heritage Photos

Sarah Jane Speak (1807-1889), daughter of Nicholas Speak and Sarah Faires, and her husband James Bartley (1806-1891).  They lived in Lee County, Virginia.


12 Responses to Heritage Photos

  1. Pat Wiltfong says:

    These are my great great grandparents. They moved to Brown County Kansas and I grew up in that area. I now live in Georgetown, Texas.

    • Nicholas J.Speaks says:

      Hello, i am so happy to find this. I am the grandson of Timothy P. and Nancy E. Speaks.Son of Joe S. and Clara M. Speaks. Thanks so much, yours truly Nicholas J Speaks. I am from Perry Michigan.

  2. Hello there, I’m the Rev. Dr. David Scott Lee, D.Min of Newbury, VT. I’m the adopted son of Joseph Charles Lee who is a grandson of the Rev. William Andrew Lee and the 3rd great grandson of Rev. Nicholas Speak (my grandmother was Carrie Speak, daughter of Marion Speak). All of Rose Hill, Lee County VA. That means by adoption I’m a part of your family and was doing a family search and found your site. I think it wonderful that the Lee & Speak family still have members in the ministry of the church. Thank you for hosting this site.

    • Welcome to the family. I was baptized at the Speaks Chapel Church and it is near and dear to my heart.

    • Nicholas says:

      Yes Nicholas Speaks was my great grandfather who I was named after son of Timothy Patton married to Nancy Elizabeth speak my great grandmother on my grandfather side was Mary Powell

  3. And it is a very pleasant church to visit! Enjoyed meeting my cousins and family members there when we had our get together in Kentucky. Plus the people that entertained us from the church were very nice.

  4. Jamie says:

    This is a great picture! These are my 4G Grandparents. 🙂 So glad I stumbled upon your website!

  5. nicholas speak says:

    my great x4 also

  6. Harry Bartley says:

    James Bartley was my 4G Grandfather. I plan to visit Rose Hill in October. I’ve been looking at the Speaks line. I’m not sure I’ve followed all of the correct branches. I’d like to contact anyone that may have followed the branch back to 1300. It is very interesting.

    • Yes, we’ve just completed a study actually. It doesn’t go back to 1300. You might want to join the Speaks Family Association. Lot of info there.

      • Nicholas says:

        Yeah check out the Spec any Espec name. That’s part of our trade those were the original names from around 1100 there’s quite a lot of information on it it’ll give you all the names in between hundreds

  7. Deborah Spohr says:

    I’m a 4th great granddaughter to Nicholas Speak. Rachel Dobkins Speak is my 2nd great grandmother.

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