DNA Project for Speak Descendants

DNA Testing – Not Just for Men Anymore

Not so long ago, we were asking each Speak(e)(s) line to have a Speak(e)(s) male from their line tested.  For that test of the Y chromosome, it had to be a male who carried the Speak(e)(s) surname, and hence the Y chromosome that is passed from father to son, as well.  But not anymore.

Today, there is a new kind of autosomal DNA test that doesn’t test the Y chromosome, but tests all of your chromosomes inherited from all of your ancestors.  What this means is that everyone who is descended from a Speak(e)(s) line, male or female, whether you carry the Speak(e)(s) surname or not, can and should now test.

This autosomal test is a different test than the Y chromosome test from before, and if your Speak(e)(s) male line is not represented in that testing, we’d still like for you to do that as well.

These new autosomal tests show us how we’re related to each other, how close our cousinship is, and will help us sort through the Bowling line and Lancashire connections.  As reported in an earlier newsletter, it appears that the Bowling line is related to the Finch family, and we may well be descended from the Catholic Martyr, John Finch.  The question is whether our Bowling ancestor married a Finch, or not.  If some of our autosomal DNA matches that of the Finch Family, through the Bowling family, we’ll have our answer.  But I need help from all of you!  The Bowling family is testing as well to help us, and them, find the answer.

In order to have as much DNA data to work with as possible, I’d like to ask every Speak(e)(s) descendant to test, with only a couple of exceptions.

Who to Test

The oldest person in each family line.  So if your Speak(e)(s) line parent is gone, but one of their siblings is alive, test the sibling AND test yourself and your siblings as well.  Remember, every child inherits different pieces of DNA from the parent.  All siblings inherit half of the parents DNA, but different parts of the parent’s DNA combine to make the half the child inherits.  And for this project, I need all the pieces of Speak(s)(s)/Bowling/Finch DNA available.

Exceptions are:

  1. If your Speak(e)(s) line parent has tested, you don’t need to.  If your Speak(e)(s) line parent or grandparent is alive, PLEASE test them.  The autosomal DNA is divided in half with each generation, so our chance of finding Finch DNA is reduced with each generation by 50%.
  2. If you have tested, don’t test your children.  They only carry the DNA carried by you and your spouse.


These tests are called the Family Finder test and they are available at www.familytreedna.com for $99.  I will also want you to join the Speak DNA project (which is free) so I can view your results and compare them to other family members.  If you have problem doing this or just want help, let me know and I’ll be glad to help or join you to the project.

If you have already tested at another lab, such as 23andMe or Ancestry, you may be able to transfer those results for $69.  You can visit the Family Tree DNA website at www.familytreedna.com or  you can call them on the phone to order at 713-868-1438.

This may well be the most important thing for our family genealogy that you can do!


4 Responses to DNA Project for Speak Descendants

  1. Dawn Stafford says:

    I’ll be looking into getting my Ancestry DNA test transferred. If my research is accurate, it appears that Sarah Faires is my 5th great grandmother.

  2. Beatrice Bowling Zienkosky says:

    I just mailed in my autosomal dna test and am anxious to see the results. I am hoping I am in the Speakes line but have never known that to be the case. My grand parents and cousins have never mentioned the name but I read the web site that asked if anyone was in the speakes family line to let them know. All of my grandparents in the Bowling family are deceased as well as my cousins that would know. The site is Elizabeth Bowling and the Catholic Martyr. I would like to keep in touch with anyone who has any information on the Robert Bowling site as well. Thanks , Beatrice

  3. Dana Speake says:

    The autosomal test is now $79 for both males and females. What test are you specifically looking for? Thank you

  4. Mary White says:

    I had my Ancestry DNA transferred to FTDNA and just now joined the group. My 2nd great-grandmother is Elva Pearl Speakes (1879-1972), daughter of George W. Speakes (1848-1912) and Emma T. Boswell (1852-1900).

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