About Our Association

The Speak/e/s/es Family Association (SFA) was organized in Clayton, Missouri, near St. Louis, on Saturday, August 25th, 1979 under the name Speak/e/s/es Historical Society, for the purpose of exchanging information with others researching Speak/e/s/es genealogy.

We welcome new members in our organization.  Annual membership dues are as follows:

Regular – $25

Sponsor – $25 – $99

Patron – $100 or more

To join, send a check made out to Speakes Family  and send it to the treasurer.  You can find the current treasurer on the Officers page at this link.

Our membership year runs from July 1 through June 30th.  Please send your dues to the treasurer listed on the Officer’s page.  A membership in the SFA is an excellent gift for any member of your family.

Membership includes the following benefits:

*Quarterly Bulletin (via US mail)

*Access to the information in the Speak/e/s/es family research archives.

*Annual Conference

*Private online family newsgroup

A Little History

One of the early bonds cementing the representatives of the various lines was a search for the files of one A. Howard Speake, who traveled through the United States and England from 1925 to 1938 contacting Speak/e/s wherever he found them and haunting courthouses to collect records on anyone connectd with the family.  From the return addresses on his voluminous correspondence, it was known that A. Howard Speake lived in Florida, in Washington, DC, in New York and in New Jersey, but members were unable to find any descendants of his one son nor of his one grandchild nor where he died or what became of the trunk of files to which he referred frequently in his letters.

At last, in December 1984, a member in Florida, (descended from Sally Spake of North Carolina, b Dec. 25 1792), found the probate records for A. Howard Speake in Pinellas County, Florida, where he died on Feb. 19, 1944.  It has been incorrectly assumed that AHS had died in Washington, DC circa 1939.  His wife, Allie, who was as interested in Speak/e/s as he was also died in Pinellas County on Feb. 14, 1952.  From her obituary, it was learned that their only grandchild, Dorothy Lorraine Speake had married Lester G. Delafield.  Another member, in the DC area, (descended from George W. Speakes, c 1780-1840 and who lived in Virginia, Alabama and Mississippi), in March 1985 discovered a listing for Lester G. Delafield in a telephone directory and learned from Dorothy that the trunk of records was almost certainly the one piece of the Speake effects lost when they were shipped from Florida to New York after Allie’s death.

147 Responses to About Our Association

  1. Mary Speaks Hentschel says:

    looking forward to be part of this group

  2. Margaret (Speaks) Waters says:

    Thank you for including me in the group.
    Yours Truly,
    Cousin Peg

  3. marawls39@aol.com says:

    Hello to all my cousins on my daddy’s side. I am first cousin to Robert Speake, the associate’s historian/archivest & one of the founders of the Speak/e/s association. I will miss him more than words can say. It was only a few years ago that I found my kin on the Speake side & Rob was a wonderful cousin. Thanks to the Association for being what it is.

  4. Douglas and Loretta Speaks Crater says:

    This is great. Now we can stay in contact with friends and know what others are searching. Together we can do more than by ourselves.

    I use to be Editor of the news and had to quit because of my back. Have not been out of Knoxville since we got back from that meeting. This past February I had a disc in the lumbar area rupture and it has been bad like it was when this first started back in 94. Loretta quit work several years ago to take care of me. She is the best Nurse and Wife in the world. I don’t think I could put up with myself but she does.

    I am still trying to gather anything I can find about the Aaron Luckey Speaks line. Anyone that will share, I always tag anything I get so it will show up where I got it and the person that does the work, gets honored for doing it.

    Our best to everyone.
    Doug and Loretta

    • Gaye Speaks Mize says:

      Hi, This is the first time I have been on this site…and am thrilled to see that you are trying to gather inf. re: Aaron Luckey Speaks. I am visiting with my daughter at present (out of town) so do not have my materials with me, however my name is Gaye Speaks Mize, my dad was V.E. “Jack” Speaks who died in 1994. My dad & I have documentation carrying us back to Aaron Luckey Speaks in North Carolina. I would love to hear back from you and you can contact me at gayespeaks0221@GMail.com.

    • Hi, I am a decendent of Aaron Luckey Speaks and would love to hear from you. my e-mail address is gayespeaks0221@gmail.com

    • Isalene Aka Icelene Gregory Jordan says:

      My Sister has all this infor
      He is also our family you can contact her on face book Mae Campbell lives in NC
      Our mother was Fairlea Speaks Gregory lived in Union Grove NC where the Speaks lived on Indian Hill Rd in NC .If you want her phone # messages me on face book I go by speedie Jordan .We have all the infor on all speaks

  5. AAona Speake says:

    I am the daugther of franaic alexander Speake i been looking for family he was born Austin,texas

    • Dana Wheeler says:

      i had an uncle names Francis Alexander Speake, Jr. who had a daughter namesd Aaona Ann Speake (her mother was Silaulala Leolani Alafatuli) and he had a 2nd daughter he also names Aaona Ann (her mother was Alma Rhea Locke Fraley) but my uncle was born in Athens, Texas. .

  6. Virginia Chalk says:

    Wonderful! Delighted that this is up and running. Looking forward in getting acquainted with new cousins.

  7. Mary Speaks Hentschel says:

    I always looked forward to attending a SFA convention as I knew Rob Speake would likely be there, and in later years his Susan. Rob was a gentle spirit of a man who one could depend on to pitch in and help where every needed, who supported you, and had the SFA at heart. His smile and words of wisdom could up lift you and offer reassurance when you needed it.

  8. Bill & Lola-Margaret Hall says:

    This is wonderful. Something we have all discussed, wished for and looked forward to the day when someone as capable as Roberta would come along and put it all together for us. Thanks to her and many other ways in which she has enhanced our lives and our association!

  9. Terry Bingham says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about Robert passing away. I have spent many hours running down Speake’s with him and other members over the years. He tried to talk me into taking over his Job as Archivist in 2008 but I explained I did not have any room to store records. He was alwasys willing to help anyone who needed it, I will miss him.
    Terry Bingham

  10. Terry Bingham says:

    Is there a way to move the Icon so we can see the first name of the people leaving messages

    • Hi Terry,

      The icon position must be a function of a different monitor or operating system. On my system, the icon does not cover the name. But in answer to your question, no, I can’t move the icon. The format of replies is fixed. Sorry.


  11. Wayne Speak says:

    I see a lot of “Speaks” but not a lot of “Speak” out there.
    I am so glad I found this site!

    • Hi Wayne,

      There are quite a few of us. Are you a member of the Speakes Family Association? If not, you might want to join. Which line are you from?


      • Wayne Speak says:

        From the Missouri Speak line; John Gaines Speak was my Great Great Grandfather.

        • Kristin Jo Engelmann Freed says:

          I think I am a relative of John Gaines Speak – my mother was Gladys May Speak from Lavonia MO her parents were Rebecca and Pearl Speak

        • Carole (Carolyn) Speak Sharon says:

          John Gaines Speak was my Great Grandfather. I am new here as this is the first time I’ve been looking!

          • DAVID sPEAK says:

            Hello Carolyn, I am David Speak my grandfather was cephas Speak.a amgistrateand Secretary of the \cotton workers union in Lancashire.

            • Carole (Carolyn) Speak Sharon says:

              I knew nothing about either of my parents ancestors until several months ago. Since that time we visited a couple of cemeteries in Livonia, Mo (where many of my father’s relatives are buried) and it was very interesting. I found both my grandparents and great grand father’s graves and one of my aunt’s (in another Livonia area cemetery) although neither was in what the association is calling the Speak cemetery at the St. John’s church. It was all very interesting..

  12. Pat Wiltfong says:

    I am loving this website. Thank you Roberta for getting it going. I am from Nicholas Speak and Sarah Faires family. Their daughter Sarah Jane married my great great grandfather James Bartley. Plan to attend the convention in Asheville, NC in August and hope to see you there.

    • Robyn Hansen says:

      Hi Pat. I am from the same line as you. James and Sarah Bartley are my 4x great grandparents. John Clinton Bartley was my 3x great grandfather and Samuel Lafeyette Bartley my 2x great grandfather. What line are you from? Would love to talk more with you if you’re interested. rclh70@hotmail.com Hope to hear from you!!

  13. Linda Belle Sprague says:

    Dear Bobbie,
    Do you prefer Roberta? You have done a wonderful job with this website. It has taken me a while to get my courage up to try it, but I will try to better.
    I was pleased to see the message from the Craters. I remember meeting them in Nashville. Doug, my son and I are trying to put out the bulletin. So far we have been very pleased with the articles, etc. sent to us. We have found it takes a month to get the articles, pictures entered, printing done and mailing off. We are starting the summer issue early so everyone will have an issue before out meeting in Ashville. If you have anything to send please send pictures in jpeg and written copy in Word or Pages.
    I am from the Nicholas Speak and Sarah Faires line through their daughter, Sarah Jane who married James Bartley.

  14. Linda Belle Sprague says:

    The summer bulletins have been mailed. Hope members are receiving theirs. I will bring some extras to Asheville for new members. Jean has done a great job and we are excited about seeing our cousins and Ashville.

    Linda Belle

  15. Pat Wiltfong says:

    I am returning from the reunion in Asheville, NC. What a great weekend!! Met new cousins and visited with old cousins. Thanks to the committee who organized the weekend in this beautiful part of our country.

  16. Robert Cary Speake, Sr. says:

    Hello, I’d like to join the SFA. How do I do that?

    • We’d certainly love for you to join. Send your dues of $15 per year to the treasurer listed under officers. Right now, in 2010, it’s Linn Mollway at 5237 Regents Park Road, Rockford, Illinois, 61107.

  17. Pat Wiltfong says:

    For the past few months I have been reading bulletins from the past. I am in awe of all the people who spend hours researching, recording and reporting on the Speak/e/s/es family. Thank you so much. The archives are an immense source in learning more about hour heritage.

  18. Leisa Buckley-Follett says:

    I am from Aaron Lucky speaks son of Thomas speaks. We are from Mississippi. I am looking for more infomation on Thomas and Nancy Hansford.

    • Paul Mollway says:

      Hello Leisa,
      We have some information on the line of Thomas Speaks and Nancy Hansford. What do you have and what are you looking for. We do not have a parent for Thomas. And although one source shows Aaron Lucky to be the son of this Thomas, we weren’t sure if that’s been proven.

      Paul & Lin (Speake) Mollway

      • Ed Zeigler says:

        Hi Paul and Lin…Ed Zeigler wishes to get back in touch with you. Have moved but still alive and going strong. Let me hear back from you…lost all of my emails..and I have a new email address..

    • Hello, I am also from Aaron Lucky Speaks…but that is as far as I (we) have gotton. Did not know his father was Thomas and one other person indicates that this is not for cetain. Perhaps you have more information. Whatever the case I would love to hear from you at gayespeaks0221@gmail.com

  19. Margaret (Speaks) Waters says:

    Haven’t been on the site for a while and see a lot of new names. It’s nice to see how the family is growing.

  20. Margaret (Speaks) Waters says:

    I like the background with the Speaks Chapel and area used, great job with it.
    Margaret (Peg) Speaks Waters

  21. teagan says:

    hi…my name is teagan fitzgerald im be 19 april 3 and im on the search for my father his name is randy speake my mothers maiden name is heather fitzgerald she had me at 19 bout to be 20 if anyone has any information plz contact me at my e-mai teaganfitz@hotmail.com

  22. Patrick Speake says:

    My grandfather was born Stuart (NMI) Speake in Lancashire, England, then migrated to East Rutherford NJ. I was born in Portland, OR. anyone out there from this branch? Also on Facebook is Speakes around the world page, alot of Spe(a)k(e)s out there

    • Hi Patrick,

      We don’t have anyone from your line represented, and we’d surely welcome you. Also, no one in the DNA project from your line either. We do have one gentleman from Lancashire who has tested. Maybe your ancestors go back to that area. You can e-mail me directly and I’ll be glad to provide you with info. I’ll check out the Facebook page too.

      Roberta Estes

  23. Nicholas J.Speaks says:

    Hello to all.our new computer and i just discovered this web site.I am tyhe greatgrandson of Nicholas Speak,grandson of Timothy P. and Nancy E.Speaks,son Joe S.and Clara M.Speaks.Hope to meet all of you soon. yours truly,Nicholas J Speaks and Family. Perry Michigan

  24. Harry M Speake III says:

    How can I join the SFA? Please provide detailed info.

    • Terry Carter, Michigan says:

      I am trying to locate Harry M. Speake Sr., an old Fraternity brother of mine from Tri-State College in Indiana. The Fraternity is Alpha Sigma Phi. Please telephone me at my toll free number 888-757-9039. The last I heard from Harry Sr, he lived in Maryland.

      • Jerry Draney says:

        Attached is a copy of the latest Bulletin that is in the mail now. Please see page 2 for membership information. Contact the Treasurer Bonnie Speake Alexander .

        TREASURER Bonnie Speake Alexander 4944 Corte Playa DeCastilla San Diego, Ca 92124-4126 (858)573.1745 bonniek@san.rr.com

        Let me know if you need additional information. I hope this works.

        Jerry Draney Cell: 703-887-0031 Email: Jdraney@me.com Home Phone: 703-591-1095

  25. Jo Ellen Speake says:

    Thanks for the website. I’m going to try very hard to get to the conference this year! hugs to cousins, Jo Ellen Speake
    Nicholas Speak (1782 – 1852)
    is your 4th great grandfather

    Thomas C Speaks (1815 – 1843)
    Son of Nicholas

    George Washington Speak (1843 – 1884)
    Son of Thomas C

    William Asbury Speak (1868 – 1919)
    Son of George Washington

    Otis Speak (1901 – 1973)
    Son of William Asbury

    Otis Edward Speake (1926 – 1998)
    Son of Otis

    Jo Ellen Speake
    You are the daughter of Otis Edward

  26. Ginny Speake Pine says:

    Upon finally looking into my father Gerald Norman Speake (born 10-14-1931)heritage, I found this website and am very excited about what I may learn. I can only go back to his father Sumpter Merrill Speake who was born 2-3-1902 in springfield, Missouri. I get stuck from there.

  27. Tom says:

    My 4th Great-grandfather Rev. Nicholas Speak
    Greatgreatgreat-grandfather Samuel Patton Speak
    Greatgreat-grandfather Joseph Allen Speak
    Great-grandfather Mitchell Marion Speak
    My Grandmother Carrie Blanch (Speak) married Robert E. Lee, the son of Rev. William A. Lee and Lovy Saylor.
    Nice photos of the church!

    • Wanda Diane Cole says:

      Hi Tom. Mitchell Marion Speak was also my Great-grandfather. Did you know that he ran for County Commissioner at one time? I think I still have one of the business cards he handed out during his campaign. My mother told me he made good fiddles that were highly sought-after; she enrolled me in violin lessons when I was in 4th grade, hoping I had inherited some of his playing talent. It would be nice to assemble some biography on our elders before that knowledge is lost.

      My Grandfather was Joseph Conley Speak who married Pearlie Mae Wolfe. My mom was Lois Freda Speak who married Howard Edward Cole, whom she met after she moved to Maryland. Interestingly, the Speak Clan first arrived in this country and settled in Maryland. The Cole family also arrived in this country via the Ark and Dove. Is that Deja Vu or what?

      Pearlie and her children left Rose Hill VA and relocated to Annapolis Maryland just prior to and after Conley’s death. Conley died at age 47 of a heart attack. Heart problems have been prevalent among his siblings and offspring. Has any of the other Speak lines experienced the same prevalence of heart issues as well?

      • Hi;
        I’m Margaret Speaks Waters, yes it runs in my family also. I enjoy seeing all these new family members on this site. The Speak/e/s clan is growing with leaps and bounds. You’ll find a lot of interesting things out about the family.

      • I find it interesting that fiddles were made by one of our ancestors! My father had mentioned that to me. I always wondered if the one my father had was made by that ancestor. Sadly it was broken and unrepairable.

  28. Tom says:

    Hi Wanda,
    I am Patti, Toms wife, and helping with the research for our family for over 10 years.
    I find him making fiddles very interesting, since he has a very talented greatgrandson that plays bluegrass, my husbands cousin. Do you have any photos of Mitchell or of his violins?
    Thank you for sharing about your family, we also had a few folks with heart conditions. We did not know about him running for commissioner, would love to see his card.
    Link for Great-grandfather Rev. Mitchell Marion Speak at Find A Grave showing his headstone
    I added a photo of his 2 daughters Carrie and Debbi, his granddaughter Retha, and greatgreatgranddaughter (our daughter) Angela, to his daughter Carrie B. (Speak) Lee.

  29. Jo Speake says:

    Hello All – As stated above, my G-Grandfather was William (Willy) Asbury Speak. I had my DNA done in the ancestry,com DNA project and was shocked to find that I have 6% Persian, Turkish, Caucasus DNA along with my 56% Scandinavian and 37% British Isles origins. I’m wondering if anyone else has participated in a DNA project and found anything similar? I originally thought it must come from my mother’s side because she and I are both olive skin and dark hair, but I paid to get hers done too and found that she is straight up Scandinavian/British Isles-no Persian DNA. I’m stumped because I think 6% must be fairly recent lineage like perhaps a GGGrandparent. Thoughts?

  30. Jerry Draney says:

    Apparently not many visitors are looking at the “Files” tab shown above that contains a link to documents about the land occupied by Bowling Speaks in the early 1700s. If you are a descendant of Nicholas Speake you are also a descendent of Bowling Speak. I see many people writing on this website state they are descendants of Nicholas Speake. The document provides specific information including a plat showing the location of the land owned by Bowling Speaks located near Bryantown, MD, in Boarmans Manor. According to Bowling Speaks’s will of 1755 his dwelling plantation was located on this land. People attending the 2011 SFA conference in LaPlata Maryland visited this property. I am preparing a document that will be posted soon about Bowling Speaks land called The Mistake, a 572 acre tract located 3 miles east of Waldorf, MD. The St. Peters Church now occupies 37 acres of The Mistake. If you want to walk on land owned by Bowling Speak just drive into the St. Peters Church property and you are there. You may email me if you would like additional information about Bowling Speaks property. I researched the Maryland Land records and located the original descriptions of the land. Jerry Draney, jdraney@me.com

  31. Alice Speak says:

    I am a “Speak” living in Utah of the Speak family of Northern England. I have a brother living in the states and one across the pond.
    Alice Speak

  32. Malcolm Douglas Speake. Married to Rosalyn Whiting. Issue Rachel, William, Douglas, Peter.
    Grandchildren Jack, Katie, Arthur, Isaac, Maggie, Max.
    Live in Kettlebaston Ipswich, Binley Coventry, Church Broughton Derbyshire, Edinburgh, Wilmslow Cheshire,
    Occupation mainly Medicine but librarian manager and chef as well.

  33. David M Speake says:

    Hey do i gotta pay even though its my families history

    • Membership dues go towards the newsletter, the annual conference, sponsored DNA testing, cemetery maintenance, archival maintenance and probably other things I’m not remembering off the top of my head. There is no association without dues paying members. Hopefully you’ll choose to join and find the association valuable.

    • Bessie lee Speake, Rawls says:

      Hi David;
      The association helps you locate family you have never met. I joined years back, after discovering my cousin Robert Speake. Robert introduced me to this association and it has introduced me to family members from afar. Try to attend one of their conventions and you will see what I am talking about. I was separated from the Speake family when I was 3 years old so it is great gift to finally know some of them.
      Rest in peace, my wonderful cousin, Robert Speake. Rob was a wonderful man…

    • Hi David,
      It really isn’t that much if you take in to consideration how much it takes to keep the work going on the family history and we do have a get together once a year. This year they’re going to England to meet family members and visit historic places from where our family originated in England. I’d love to go, but I lost my husband and there is that money factor right now.
      Margaret Speaks Waters

  34. Hello cousins,
    I’m writing to let you know that my husband of almost 45 years passed away on the 31st of May. His name was John Edward Waters. From Brown County Ohio. He was born on Feb. 1, 1946. Thank you for everything.
    Margaret Speaks Waters.

  35. Sylvia (Walker)Crowther says:

    I was born in 1944,Leicester,England.My mother was not married but said my father’s name was Speakes,and was in the UK military,he was married and had other children.I have no other information.Sylvia C

  36. Kris Weimer says:

    My 5th great grandfather was Nicholas Speak (1782 – 1852). I’m very happy to have found this site and I really hope someday to attend one of your conventions!!

    • Mary F. Speaks Hentschel says:

      Thank you for posting Kris Weimer, and welcome to the site. What child of Rev. Nicholas Speak do you descend from? I am from his son John, b. 1812.
      Mary, member since 1982.

      • Kris Weimer says:

        Charles, b. 1805.

      • Robyn Hansen says:

        I cannot even tell you how excited I was to find this site!! I am just starting to research our family. I received some information a couple of years ago from a distant cousin regarding the Speak Chapel. When I started digging I googled the chapel and stumbled across this page. I plan on joining the association in the near future. Rev. Nicholas Speak and Sarah Faires would be my 6xgreat grandparents – Sarah Jane Speak Bartley – John Clinton Bartley – Samuel Lafayette Bartley – Walter John Bartley – Phyllis Ann Bartley – Scott Bartley Lewis – me. I would love to see more photos and hear more stories – would that information be available as a member of the association?

  37. jenny speake says:

    I really want info about my family all i know is my name is jenny lynn speake i am an only child my fathers name is mark Anthony speake and my grandfathers name is howard speake my email is jenbunnyduhh@gmail.com

  38. Vivian Stockwell says:

    I found out that I am a Speake descendant quite by accident while researching my Johnson line when visiting the Tennessee regional archives in Memphis two years ago. I descend from Rebecca Speakes Johnson, daughter of Richmond Speaks, and granddaughter of Aaron Lucky Speaks. Rebecca married Theophelus Johnson of Mississippi. She is my maternal great great great grandmother. Currently I am searching for a document where Theophelus gave power of attorney to Walter W. Johnson of Newton Co, MS, to represent him and Rebecca in the settlement of the estate for Aaron Lucky Speaks. Rebecca lived in Independence Co., AR, at that time. The court house there was unable to locate the document. Could someone help me to know where it was filed? I need it to prove my lineage to this family. I have been told that it is difficult to obtain documents from NC. I live in Liberty, MO, and would love to attend the gathering in Kirksville in October.

    Vivian Stockwell

  39. Jamie says:

    I stumbled across this page after searching for some more information on an ancestor of mine. His name was Jonathan Haynes and according to some records I dug up, he had his in laws donate half an acre of land specifically to build the cemetery in JUN of 1880. Here is the deed that mentions Jonathan HAYNES and Timothy SPEAK as trustees of the M.E. Church: “Deed Book 21, p. 390: On 12 June 1880, James & Sarah BARTLEY of Lee, Virginia, USA, conveyed (for $1) to the Trustees of the M.E. Church, namely, Jonathan HAYNES, Timothy SPEAK and perhaps others, and their successors…a half an acre of land in Lee Co., for a cemetery for the church.
    He was listed as My aforementioned ancestor actually died in a saw mill accident in 1896 (at the age of 74) building a church (which I assume is part of the Speak Chapel).
    Could the Speak Chapel be the very church he died building? I read how the church was rebuilt three times and closed for a period of years.
    Thank You for any information you would be willing to share: jamiebarker2004@yahoo.com

    • Jamie, Indeed the church they donated the land for a cemetery was Speaks Chapel. I believe I read that your ancestor, Jonathan Speak, was helping build the Fairview Methodist Church when the saw mill accident occurred. Welcome cousin!

  40. Jamie says:

    Just realized that Speak sounded familiar. Jonathan Haynes married Eliza Jane Bartley, her parents were James BARTLEY (1806-1891) and Sarah Jane SPEAK (1807-1889). **That is as far back as that branch goes in my research.
    Seems like I may be apart of the Speak Heritage.
    Just maybe. 🙂

  41. Jo Speake says:

    Recently saw a Facebook post which claimed, “Due to budget cuts, U.S. troops deployed overseas are no longer provided with breakfast.” I looked it up in snopes.com, not believing this to be true and was surprised to see a disclaimer quote from CDR Bill Speaks, Secretary of Defense Press Officer for the Afghanistan/Pakistan/Central Asia area.
    I enjoyed the Winter 2013 bulletin obituary on ex-press secretary to Reagan, Larry Speakes, but did not realize we have a more contemporary “Press Officer” so thought I would share this fact here. See you all in October.
    Read more at http://www.snopes.com/politics/military/breakfast.asp#zkA2GyhdWHAkJVL8.99

    • Hi Jo;
      That’s very interesting to find out! If you check even deeper into the family you will find that one of our ancestors was a burgess member in Williamsburg, Va. Plus we had a famous singer by the name of Margaret Speaks that sang all over the world and on the Firestone Hour way back when and a famous song writer by the name of Oley Speaks. She sang some of his songs among others. I guess you could say we are some what lucky to have this family history. PS, I’m not the famous singer!

  42. Ash says:


    I am a new here and wanted some information. I discovered using GEDmatch that we are connected as family. Please reach out to me! Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  43. Dawn Stafford says:

    I’m excited to join! Sarah Faires is my 5th great grandmother. Descending line – Sarah Faires – Sarah Jane Speak – Eleanor Bartley – Gelanah Fletcher – Alice Mable Bender – Alice Alberta Johnson – my mother – myself. I was so excited to stumble upon this page!

  44. Debi Connelley says:

    Hello to one and all! My name is Debra (Debi) Connelley nee Charon, and I am looking forward to joining SFA, and getting to know you all! I was born in Long Beach, California, 04 December, 1954. My direct line of descent from Nicholas Speaks and Sarah Faires is as follows: Their son John married Mary Deans, whose son Nicholas married Mary Elizabeth Powell. One of their children was Virginia Elizabeth Speaks, born 01 March, 1875, who married William Wesley Moles, born 30 August, 1866. They had a total of 8 daughters, the eldest of which was my grandmother, Allie Myrtle Moles, born 18 July, 1891. Allie was born in Hagan, Lee Co., Virginia, and married James Edmund Troyer on 05, November 1907. To them were born 6 children, the fifth born being my mother, Frances Elizabeth Troyer, born 29 May, 1917. Frances married Joe Leo Charon 04 September, 1938, and had my brother Bill, born 11 February, 1941, and my brother Gary, born 28 January, 1945, and then me. I have inherited many family pictures, and among them are ones of my great aunt LaVerna Ridgway nee Moles, standing in front of Speaks Chapel somewhere in the late 50’s or early 60’s. I know that she and at least one of her other sisters traveled back to Virginia to visit, among other places, their old homestead and the Speaks Church and cemetery. I feel so grateful to all of you, and those who came before, for preserving this wonderful piece of our ancestry! Thank you.

    • Welcome to the family!

      • Debi Connelley says:

        Thank you Margaret. I am delighted with the warm welcomes I’ve gotten already! No surprise there … it’s a warm family!

    • Linda Belle Bartley Sprague says:

      Dear Debbie, I hope this gets to you. I am Linda Belle Bartley Sprague. I was born in Powhattan, Kansas where four Bartley brothers, William Runnel, Frank, Nicholas (my ancestor) and Samuel Patton came to live, farm, & die. John came also but went back to Virginia. Sisters Eleanor, and Fannie came to live here too. I have a lot of Bartley information so if you are interested get in touch with me. Are you coming toKirksville, MO this fall? My daughter and I plan to be there.

      • Dawn Stafford says:

        Hi Linda! I know this message wasn’t directed towards me, but I would be interested in the Bartley info you have. Eleanor’s daughter Gelanah was my great great grandmother.

      • Debi Connelley says:

        Hello Linda, yes I received your message. Although I have quite a bit of info regarding my direct line, I have very little when it comes to the extended families. I would welcome anything you have to share. At present I am trying to sort through the info I do have, and get it organized, including boxes of letters, and tons of photos and slides. My mother was instrumental in helping settle some of her aunts estates, and she came to possess a great many of the things I just mentioned in the process. Added to that, my grandmother’s own collection as well. My grandmother and her sisters were all very close … not in proximity to one another, but in heart and spirit! And they were letter writers!!! It’s almost overwhelming the amount we are sorting through, although that in no way is a complaint from me … just a statement. Thank you for making contact, and I look forward to speaking with you further. No plans, as yet, for MO in October, but time will tell.

    • Ranae says:

      Hi Debra – a group of friends, and myself visited an old school in Kingfisher County on Saturday. We’re trying to find some history on it. I’m pretty sure it was in Lynn Township. Your great aunt LaVerna’s name is on the top of the storm cellar there. Do you know why her name would be on the storm cellar, and do you know how we can find out more about the school? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! Ranae Maberry – mhossboss@hotmail.com

  45. Debi Connelley says:

    Oops … already an error to correct. My grandmother Allie was actually born in Hubbard Springs.

    • Mary Speaks Hentschel says:

      Debbi Connelley, I am so very excited to read your message. Allie’s mother, Virginia, was sister to my grandfather Tim! I did so much research on the Mole family and talked to many family members, including your father Joe! We lived in Washington state at the time (19 years) and I would write and call around the country talking to the children of the Mole daughters. Can you tell I am excited? Through my contacting them, I received pictures and information also. Jack Troyer from Ca, sent me a wonderful family pic that I had published some years ago in our SFA Bulletin.
      I thought so many times Debbi, what strong women these Mole daughters were.
      I have been a member of the SFA since 1982-3. I told my father Patton and he and my mother joined.
      Please write me as we have much to share.
      All the best,
      Mary Frances Speaks/Hentschel

      • Debi Connelley says:

        Hello Mary! Yes I can tell you are excited! 🙂 I am so very happy that you contacted me, and so quickly. So if I understand you correctly, my mother’s grandmother Virginia was a sister to your grandfather. That would mean that you and my mother were second cousins. Is that right? I wholeheartedly agree with you that the Moles daughters were all incredibly strong. And from what I have been able to learn thus far, the Speaks women were of hardy stock as well. This evening I will try and write a response to the email you sent me, as it’s clear we have much to discuss. And thank you! For all the work you put in early on with research. I can tell that you’ve dedicated a great deal of time to the endeavor.

        • Mary Speaks Hentschel says:

          Debi, Virginia and my Grandfather Timothy were siblings. I would like to chat more with you when you contact me. Do you have the wedding pic of Allie & Jim Troyer? This is exciting to make such a connection with you. The SFA group is dedicated in preserving the past and making new discoveries in the future.
          Looking forward to hearing from you,

  46. Terri Speake says:

    I am Terri Ann Speake and currently reside in South Georgia. My fathers name was James “Terry” Speake and my grandfather was James “Tarver” Speake. My father was born in Olney, IL in 1939. My grandfather was involved in the oil industry in Oklahoma. Is about the only info I have at this point. Hoping to join your site to research more. Am excited to know I am not the only one…..the only other Speake I knew was my Dad!! LOL

  47. Terri Speake says:

    Have also located a group page titled Speake Family Reunion on Facebook.

  48. Welcome to the family Terri!
    You will find that there is a lot to learn from this group.

  49. Beatrice Bowling Zienkosky says:

    Can I join the Speak project if I do not have the last name of Speaks? I am a Bowling and am in the Speaks line I was informed. I am new to this and don’t know how to continue to find if I am descended from Speaks. Beatrice

  50. Beatrice Bowling Zienkosky says:

    Can I join if I do not have the name Speaks but am a Bowling, I understand my Bowling ancestors were some where in the Speaks line but do not know the connection. I also don’t know how to find out. I have taken the DNA test almost a year ago. Thanks, Beatrice Bowling-ZIenkosky

  51. Hello, I would like to join your group. My mother was Leona Cooke Speaks and although all my DNA work has been on the Hamilton side of my ancestry, I do have some information about my Speaks grandparents, and would like to learn more. Thanks, Professor Allen Hamilton, St. Philip’s College, San Antonio.

  52. Nicholas Joe speaks says:

    Good morning speaks Association affiliates. where is the reunion this year I haven’t made it to 1 in so long last one was Bardstown Kentucky I went to with my father 1983 Maybe

  53. My name is, Margaret Jane Speaks Key. I just started to research my family history, and discovered this site. I plan to join the Speak(e)(s)(es) Family Association. I have found some family information on Ancestry.com. Is great to find this site with so much information, and real people associated with the Speaks family.
    My father was William E. Speaks, born in Ashdown, AR, (1902-1978.
    MY Grandfather was Hezikiah Speaks, (1869-1942).
    My Great Grandfather was George Jesse T Speaks (1825-1880).
    2nd Great Grandfather was Hezekiah Allen Speaks (1778-1836).
    3rd GG was Thomas Speake (1718-1774).
    4th GG was Richard Speake (1698-1749).
    5th GG was John Speake (1665-1732).
    .6th GG was Thomas Speake lll (1645-1681).
    7th GG was Thomas Speaks ll (1603-1659). Born in Whalley, Lancashire, England.
    I have found more information about my history from my 7th GGmother, France’s Gerrard (1628-1677). Would love to hear from any one that is a “cousin”. Will send my email upon request.

  54. Margaret Speaks Waters says:

    We’re all cousins on here! Welcome and I’m pretty sure you will find out a lot about your family on the Speaks page! With the Gerrards being a part of it. Hope our page and group helps you Margaret.
    Yours Truly,
    Margaret Speaks Waters

  55. Mary Sayers says:

    Are there any Speaks in the group descended from this line? http://www.speakefamilyhistory.org/images/calderdaletree.pdf

    I’m asking on behalf of a friend who is tracing his ancestry back from John Speak, weaver, of Heptonstall in Lancashire who married Sarah Marsland (also Heptonstall) at St John the Baptist, Halifax, in 1787.

  56. laurieluscombe says:

    Looking for the parents of William Speake, b. 1808 in Louisville, KY. He married Mary Lapping in 1828 in New Albany, IN. The only man I can find in the Louisville area prior to William’s birth is John Speake who married Sally (Sarah) Riley in 1807. Does anyone in this group descend from my William? Or do you have any evidence that would connect John of Louisville to any other Speake line in KY?

  57. Hi my name isLynsey Rhodes was Speake I would like to join the association and find out more about my family heritage. My family are from Nelson , Lancashire UK and around parts of Lancashire, Liverpool , and other.

  58. Vickie Elam White says:

    Is there a way to purchase just one issue of your Bulletin? Or could someone email me a copy of just one article in that Bulletin? I am not a descendant, just connected distantly by marriage, so I don’t really want to join your Association (even though you seem to do great work!). I wanted to see a copy of Vol. 14 No. 3 (June 1993) about Charles Speak.

    Vickie Elam White

  59. Jeani says:

    I did the DNA test on Ancestry and have found a couple of people with shared DNA whose lines go back to Nicholas Speaks and Sarah Faires, so I am assuming that my great-grandmother Flora Speaks descended from them as well. However, I have been unable to make the links in between.

    My great-grandmother was Flora Speaks (born 02 Oct 1878 in Lee County, Virginia, died 08 Sep 1968 in Wagoner, Wagoner, Oklahoma), whose mother died when she was about 3 and her father when she was about 5, at which time she went to live with relatives until she married Henry Bascom Yeary (of Rose Hill, Lee, Virginia) when she was 17. I’ve never found any sign of her existence until her marriage. (There is a Flora Speaks the same age in a North Carolina census, but she is not the one I’m looking for.) According to her death certificate, her mother’s name was Martha Speaks and father’s name unknown. I’m so hoping that the DNA will lead me to the information that has eluded me all these years! ~ Jeani

  60. Fred says:

    Hi to all cousins,
    I am searching for any information on Jonah ( Jonas ) Edward Speaks born abt. 1878 Yadkin Co. NC. and died 1937 Union Grove, Iredell Co. NC.
    He is said to have been sent to and served abt. 10 years time in prison from abt. 1924-25 until 1936-37 along with two other men. Please share with me if you have any information.
    Thank You

  61. keith David Speaks says:

    Hi, all. My 3rd or 4th GG was James Speakes, 1790-1845, possibly born in northern Virginia

  62. Jenny Speake says:

    Also my granfather(my father’s, father) name is Howard Francis Speake

  63. Fred says:

    Does anyone have any information on an Adam Speaks born abt 1785 Maryland and wife Barbara unknown. Trying to understand how he might fit into our Speaks genealogy.

  64. Fred says:

    Aaron Luckey Speaks abt 1761 in NC. -1825 in NC. Does anyone have any evidence to prove who his parents were or how he connected to the Speaks families from Maryland? I think his grandparents were Thomas Bowling Speaks and Jane Smoot but I do not know for sure who Aaron`s parents were. Please advise with any information if possible.

  65. Tammy says:

    Thank you for all that interesting information.
    Tammy Speake Rader
    From Maryland just south of DC
    I went on the England tour with all. It was wonderful.

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